Thursday, February 15, 2007

Present Facilities with suitable up gradation

1. The façade and color scheme of the Building
• Needs an immediate and drastic change to truly a represent a cultural complex of a historic city.
• Presently it lacks artistic character and looks like an old cinema hall.
• The color scheme is dull, gloomy and uninviting to the visitors.
• An imminent architect must be consulted to suggest suitable changes in the façade and color scheme.
2. Main Theatre
• Capacity is 700 plus
• Needs air conditioning along with lighting & stage up graded.

3. Open Air Theatre
Capacity is about 3500
• Up gradation of various facilities, light set up/ makeup rooms/bathrooms is needed immediately.
• Possibility to turn the open air theatre in to an indoor auditorium of international standards to up grade the cultural/conference infrastructure in the city hosting international/national/regional seminars may be assessed.
• The sitting capacity of such auditorium will be around 2200 Seats
• The funding from central government can be availed for the project.

3. Mini Theatre
• The acoustic up gradation is needed. The honorable chief minister during her visit to the mini theatre has noticed the acoustic deficiency and desired for improvements.

o The 120 seat Experimental Mini Theatre is an innovative space that enables full flexibility for production design and presentation. It has been designed to give full scope for experimentation in the arts.

The flexible seating and stage units make it ideal both for traditional folk, performance-type presentations as well as avant garde presentations that require complex, asymmetrical and off-beat arena settings.
The Mini theatre can be utilized for workshops, readings, lecture-demonstrations and performances where practitioners can co-operate with musicians, dancers, film directors, photographers, painters and sculptors to explore new concepts, meet fresh challenges.

Certain kinds of music and dance recitals and folk presentations, more suited to an intimate atmosphere of appreciation, can also be scheduled in this theatre.

4. Rehearsal Rooms

• Needs up gradation with furniture and others

5. Shops at the back of the Open Air Theatre

A craft bazaar can be set up in the shops along with book shops.

6. Open spaces
Plans to utilize to hold handy craft shows, sales and others events to get rental income and expose the cultural complex to the general public and the tourists.

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