Sunday, June 15, 2008

Slandering the Dead

I sat through the latest telecast of “We The People” on NDTV and was amazed at we the people.

The program revolved around “Noida Double Murders”, Police investigations and Media responses to such a sensitive issue.

Few important points observed:

· What ever was discussed with so much of heat was off the mark and they terribly missed the central point.

· Police officers limited them selves to police procedures only.

· Star anchors stood their ground in defense of what great work they did and were noisier than the politicians they try to pacify unsuccessfully so often.

· What was not discussed was far more important than that they did.

· Why and how mindless TRP chasing has reduced them to depth of desperation to score over rivals?

· Why they harp on so much of sleaze to sell time?

· Why they think nothing of slandering a teenager who is no longer in the world to defend her reputation?

· If police is clueless about today’s youth are they any wiser?

· Why did they so shamelessly show imaginary enactment of how the servant and the girl were found by the father, based solely on police lame investigation?

· If the police were clueless did they show they were any better?

· Some even showed imaginary graphics and thought nothing of it.

· Why their well-dressed smart anchors get so gleefully excited while telling about gruesome human tragedies of unfortunate people?

It’s distasteful and nauseating indeed to me and do hope to get reactions of learned people on these matters.

Bomb Blasts & Baazigars

7.30 PM, Jaipur:

First bomb planted by terrorist went of at 7.30 in terribly crowded streets of the Pinkcity and by 8.00 PM nine blasts have spilled blood of hundreds of innocent people.

About eighty people have died and above two hundred injured lay crying in hospitals.

8.00 PM, Kolkata

Cricket match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Dare Devils has began.

Kolkata Knight Rider’s owner Shahrukh was present. His team won the game and he danced at the victory of his team.

He had millions reasons to dance and no even one reason to show concerns for ordinary people who go mad to have a look at their idol.

Well the cricket match was planned long back and couldn’t have been cancelled.

That is reasonable but look at horrors of seeing cheers girls dancing in Kolkata as Jaipur lay bleeding. Some would say that cheer girls are paid to dance and they did their job.

Die-hard Shahrukh fans will opine that he is a very busy man and he couldn’t have known about the horrific events folding in distance Jaipur.

Now it looks increasingly impossible to look for such elusive sensitivities from our icons.

He perhaps was so terribly focused with his maniacal concentration looking forward to a win, he lost contact with others thing.

Like the modern day Arjun he focused all his energies on the cricket match.

In today’s connected world it unacceptable and unthinkable that he, his staff or his resourceful associates didn’t know of the horrific bomb blasts.

It’s horrendous to know that no body bothered to suggest to tone down the victory celebrations and display concerns of those dead and wounded as result of a terrorists attack.

At least it was expected that he could have avoided dancing at the end of match and have had mourned the terrible event in Jaipur.

Other Baazigars of 100 plus TV channels gleefully continued to beam glamorous advertisements and laughter show promos while continuously reporting the bomb blasts.

It seems that the media is the biggest gainer of natural and unnatural calamities befalling on helpless people.

Well we must by now know that these Bazigars don’t have any sensitivity left along with zero social responsibility.

And to talk about the concept of social responsibility of our icons is perhaps totally insane and useless as they have not heard and/or understood it.

Death Dance & Dog Fights

Hungry dogs fighting for food are a common sight, but why we only crib dogs alone?

What about so-called civilized human beings?

Dogs fight to survive and so do the human beings.

But there is a great difference perhaps between the two and we all know about that too.

Humans not only fight to live but to prosper, get and retain powerful positions

Deaths give great photo ops to our few powerful people who claim to be our leaders. But actually they are followers of diseased interpretations of so called public opinion.

Lip service is great national past time and that is used to shows that they care.

Do they really care?

Well they have to show up or news hounds will question them. Media propels them to descend on accident sites and hospitals.

They smell vote banks; they faithfully follow the blood trails and land up in strange locations. They are capable of landing up on sun if some hack tells them of good chunk of votes there.

Their hoodlums forcefully take over locations manned by feeble officials.

The faithful officials terribly fear political minions and hoodlums. Those minions and hoodlums might occupy ministerial births one day.

Huge crowds have besieged SMS hospital after blasts in Jaipur. The helpless and harassed friends and relatives of blast victims could be identified by their forlorn vacant looks.

Thousands of bystanders made things too difficult to manage.

Harassed hospital staffs were pushed around and sneered as the young noisy budding politicians assume control. They manned lifts and doors reserved for their beloved leaders. Common men suffered indignities and abuses. Injured waited for drugs and attendants forcibly held out side. What else could they do?

The hospital Superintendent was pushed away, he perhaps would never complain.

What will happen even if he gathered courage to do that?

A police officer on duty was roughened up; he will never say a word.

Hospital was thrown in to known chaotic frenzy but who bothered?

The great Indian political theatre must go on.