Sunday, June 15, 2008

Bomb Blasts & Baazigars

7.30 PM, Jaipur:

First bomb planted by terrorist went of at 7.30 in terribly crowded streets of the Pinkcity and by 8.00 PM nine blasts have spilled blood of hundreds of innocent people.

About eighty people have died and above two hundred injured lay crying in hospitals.

8.00 PM, Kolkata

Cricket match between Kolkata Knight Riders and Delhi Dare Devils has began.

Kolkata Knight Rider’s owner Shahrukh was present. His team won the game and he danced at the victory of his team.

He had millions reasons to dance and no even one reason to show concerns for ordinary people who go mad to have a look at their idol.

Well the cricket match was planned long back and couldn’t have been cancelled.

That is reasonable but look at horrors of seeing cheers girls dancing in Kolkata as Jaipur lay bleeding. Some would say that cheer girls are paid to dance and they did their job.

Die-hard Shahrukh fans will opine that he is a very busy man and he couldn’t have known about the horrific events folding in distance Jaipur.

Now it looks increasingly impossible to look for such elusive sensitivities from our icons.

He perhaps was so terribly focused with his maniacal concentration looking forward to a win, he lost contact with others thing.

Like the modern day Arjun he focused all his energies on the cricket match.

In today’s connected world it unacceptable and unthinkable that he, his staff or his resourceful associates didn’t know of the horrific bomb blasts.

It’s horrendous to know that no body bothered to suggest to tone down the victory celebrations and display concerns of those dead and wounded as result of a terrorists attack.

At least it was expected that he could have avoided dancing at the end of match and have had mourned the terrible event in Jaipur.

Other Baazigars of 100 plus TV channels gleefully continued to beam glamorous advertisements and laughter show promos while continuously reporting the bomb blasts.

It seems that the media is the biggest gainer of natural and unnatural calamities befalling on helpless people.

Well we must by now know that these Bazigars don’t have any sensitivity left along with zero social responsibility.

And to talk about the concept of social responsibility of our icons is perhaps totally insane and useless as they have not heard and/or understood it.

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