Sunday, June 15, 2008

Death Dance & Dog Fights

Hungry dogs fighting for food are a common sight, but why we only crib dogs alone?

What about so-called civilized human beings?

Dogs fight to survive and so do the human beings.

But there is a great difference perhaps between the two and we all know about that too.

Humans not only fight to live but to prosper, get and retain powerful positions

Deaths give great photo ops to our few powerful people who claim to be our leaders. But actually they are followers of diseased interpretations of so called public opinion.

Lip service is great national past time and that is used to shows that they care.

Do they really care?

Well they have to show up or news hounds will question them. Media propels them to descend on accident sites and hospitals.

They smell vote banks; they faithfully follow the blood trails and land up in strange locations. They are capable of landing up on sun if some hack tells them of good chunk of votes there.

Their hoodlums forcefully take over locations manned by feeble officials.

The faithful officials terribly fear political minions and hoodlums. Those minions and hoodlums might occupy ministerial births one day.

Huge crowds have besieged SMS hospital after blasts in Jaipur. The helpless and harassed friends and relatives of blast victims could be identified by their forlorn vacant looks.

Thousands of bystanders made things too difficult to manage.

Harassed hospital staffs were pushed around and sneered as the young noisy budding politicians assume control. They manned lifts and doors reserved for their beloved leaders. Common men suffered indignities and abuses. Injured waited for drugs and attendants forcibly held out side. What else could they do?

The hospital Superintendent was pushed away, he perhaps would never complain.

What will happen even if he gathered courage to do that?

A police officer on duty was roughened up; he will never say a word.

Hospital was thrown in to known chaotic frenzy but who bothered?

The great Indian political theatre must go on.

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