Thursday, February 15, 2007

Human Resource Development and Avenues of Employment

1. The proposed center for performing arts will not only cater to local population, visitors and tourists but also make human resource available for various media.
2. An enormous amount of budding talent has no avenues of information, training and interaction with accomplished performers and the audiences.
3. There are now increasing avenues of employment and entrepreneurship available in films, television, radio, event management, public relations and stage shows for new generation of performers.
4. The employment and entrepreneurial opportunities will also grow in tandem with the progress of the proposed Film City project in Jaipur.
Important Points
• Only an improved building and other physical infrastructure will not solve the long standing problems of the audience looking for quality theatrical/dance/music performances and new and experienced practitioners whose creative out put is hampered due to lack of supporting facilities and skills.
• Jawahar Kala Kendra has not been designed as a performance oriented arts complex and it has no large capacity auditoriums to service larger audience. It is also away from the areas frequented by the tourist.

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