Thursday, February 15, 2007

Center of the Performing Arts at Jaipur

Ravindra Manch:

Justification for Establishing a Center of the Performing Arts at Jaipur
• Visitors to the Pink City are exposed to our rich heritage by visiting various famous monuments.
• Jaipur has a long and rich history of performing arts in field of Drama, Music & Dance.
• Rajasthan and Jaipur in particular have an increasing number of tourists both local and foreigners.
• They look for and are curious about our traditional/contemporary/experimental work in the field of performing arts.
• Jaipur city is developing fast with improved infrastructure and more people are now residing in the city than before along with increasing Indian and foreign tourists.
• At present there is no professional, institutionalized system for organizing quality performances to show case the cultural heritage and talent on a regular basis.
• The city now needs not just an auditorium complex for hiring but a vibrant center of performing arts to cater to the needs of the local audience, visitors, tourists, students of arts and performing artists.
• It is with this concern that we would like to draw your kind attention for the need of establishing a Center of Performing Arts at Ravindra Manch, Jaipur.
• Ravindra Manch is the only ideally/centrally located complex close to walled city and can easily be approached from all corners of the city.
• It has existing infrastructure with large open space for parking along with rehearsal halls and three auditoriums for drama /dance/music shows


Ronalee said...

Good words.

TunnelVision said...


Yes right now "good words" only as a lot is to be done to set it rolling in real way.