Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Horrors of The Diwali Night

Two teen aged girls were attached by machetes, axes and stones as soon as they got down from a car on Diwali night.

Still unconscious and alive they were set on fire and burned by group of villagers including their own fathers.

Later their burned out bodies were dumped in cremation ground to fuzz the killings.

And what about their mothers…did they have any say in the matter?

They might have been equally enraged to kill them too….we do not know for sure …but seems like a plausible scenario.

And what were their crimes?

Crime number one..they were girls…born in great India…

Crime two they had been too lucky to escaped death as unburned and born child and lived….

Crime three they went to meet boys…

Is this real dusty India we are so proud off?

The scene could have been depressingly similar in so called urban India…

It happened in Kaluvas village about 3 Km from Bhiwani, Haryana, but could have happened in any village of rich Haryana, Punjab and in poor UP too. As rest of village was lost in cacophony of bursting fire crackers and festivities, some determined men seething with coiling knots of anger awaited in darkness. For them their age old concept of honor was supreme and they killed to save it. The horrendous crime might have gone unnoticed but for one tormenting perpetuator.

Just one more incident of honor killing does not shock us Indians and the fat bellied, rosy cheeked police too sat on it.

How could they have felt and acted differently, seeped in same milieu and weight of biases?

The SP claimed to have received no complain at all.

What else can be expected?

But that repenting perpetuator, a sure out cast now, did spill the beans and the crime come to light after about two weeks of that horrible night.

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